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Untraceable covert updated gsm mobile stealth phone

Siemens SL75/S65 R32 changes into an untraceable device, warns you against any interception attempt by cutting the call. Also every time you change SIM card, the phone will change automatically its IM*I number. The IM*I numbers are produced by the phone randomly by using an encrypted complex engine which will never be repeated. Interception of conversations made or received by such a phone becomes an impossible mission.

Over the past decades, telecommunications interception has developed into a huge worldwide industry. Intelligence agencies, security organizations and police within almost all countries routinely intercept calls that may yield sensitive political, military or economic information.The use of wiretapping has become so widespread, simple and uncontrolled that you must assume that records of your private calls end up in the wrong hands.There are a variety of devices on the market today to encrypt your conversation. Though using of encryption to protect your privacy might be the prudent choice, the method has its own disadvantages:

Using of such devices might make you looking suspicious and attract undesired attention to your personality.

Understanding that and trying to look innocent, people often implement another method available in any country with GSM coverage. They buy a few anonymous SIM cards and replace them from time to time. Now, being under impression they are safe, they talk freely doing sometimes a terrible mistake.

You never know if encryption you use is indeed trustworthy but with our siemens products it’s been tested on 5 different inceptors not 2 and been untraceable 99.7% from data log read outs.

Interception equipment connected to switches of GSM network provider (so called “Lawful Interception”) almost never satisfies with tracking targets by identities of their SIM cards (IM*I). It also monitors identity of GSM handsets (IM*I). So, to be untraceable, both the SIM card and the handset should be changed together.

It is with our Siemens cellular mobile phones we have modified to turn those into untraceable devices. Every time you replace the SIM card the phone automatically will change its IM*I number. The IM*I numbers are produced by the phone randomly using a complex encryption engine so it will never be repeated therefore conversations made or received by such a phone becomes an impossible mission to be tapped or located or bugged.Or user can change IM*I  every call and text on the same sim if he so wishes. We ask the user to keep on original Imei thus staying within the law.

These phones have a lot of added extra such as you can set it to auto delete data at a time of your choice or immediately on the s65 and r32, so as soon as you open the data which is always a Great tool to have, it then auto formats the data making it impossible to retrieve as the unoccupied space gets formatted over with encrypted nonsense useless data. Therefore the phone can not be read to gleaned information from it and more so can not be cloned or software extracted which is a great tool. Also comes with encrypted SMS so it does not use a message centre therefore making your SMS totally secure there is a lot more added features to this phone but would rather you phoned me and I will discuss please note phone for details my number is 07845 140000 to discuss the more you buy the cheaper they are.

Forensic Bullet-Proof

The SL75 and r32 phone cannot be accessed and investigated by forensic software and hardware. Firmware cannot be read/wright or cloned by unlocking boxes.The phone cannot be accessed, read or analysed by any mobile forensic eqipment. Physical extraction and file system extraction is blocked by security filter.

The phone does not need any extra settings. It work as it is.

SMS encryption feature:

In case of interception warning you can send encrypted SMS. Please note that the other phone should have the same SMS encryption software installed, for message decryption.

SMS encryption feature is intended for encryption of outgoing SMS messages. Encryption algorithm is AES-512 and has the function for generating keys from passwords is SHA-256. This is end-to-end encryption, meaning that nobody can read your messages. It can only be read by the recipient who has the right password. And in case you lose your phone no one can read a message, unless you have saved a password in application. But your password will be safe even then because it is saved as hash, not plaintext.

The phone can receive as well encrypted messages for secure communications.
Note: Encryption will work only if both sending and receiving sides install the application.

Special features:


Dynamic IM*I feature has 3 options:

A. Random always:

The phone IM*I will always vary, when it is requested by the GSM network or GSM Interceptor. IM*I will be changed on every call or SMS as well.

B. Random on first request:

Phone IM*I will be changed when the SIM card is inserted the first time, and when the GSM network requests phone details for registration. In this mode the phone IM*I varies only once after device registration on the network. Further on for all inquiries IM*I sent by the network, phone will give out in a network this IM*I.

C. Stay original:Phone IMEI always remains original.

Dynamic IM*I feature:
Dynamic IM*I feature is intended for protection of conversations against the control and interception through a GSM interceptor.

In order to intercept your phone the GSM interceptor uses the folowing identifiers:

Your phone number (off air it is not transferred, but the operator knows it);
IM*I— unique SIM registration number;
IM*I— unique phone registration number, other than phone number which is contained by SIM.

If you change IM*I and insert a new bought SIM (a pre pay one), then all phone identifiers vary. Therefore the operator does not know whom it is necessary to put on the surveillance.

If you have changed only SIM or only have changed IM*I, this will give you nothing and you will continue to be monitorised, as though you changed nothing.

If you simultaneously change IM*I and SIM, that will allow you to avoid any GSM interception. As all your phone identifiers have changed (which has been registered previously into the target selection list of a GSM interceptor), the GSM interceptor operator needs to make additional efforts in order to receive and register your new identifiers. Besides, the system operator cannot understand that he has lost the control over your phone.

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Untraceable covert updated GSM mobile stealth phones


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