Number/Voice Changing SIM CARDS


Cost - from £925 (For multiple orders please contact: 0208 089 4011)

Protection of your conversations in GSM system

The caller number substitution

Forced encryption

Protection against intercept complexes

Voice substitution

Expenses optimization

Real IMSI hiding

Current location hiding

Virtual number

*All SIM cards last for a total of 6 months and have unlimited calls and secure texts. 12 months also available.

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Product Description

Cost - from £925.

This product combines a package of mechanisms which are aimed at preserving of confidentiality during conversations in GSM system. “Rus SIM” is a hardware-software solution developed by Russian and British engineering specialists.

- Number substitution of the caller
This function allows to make calls substituting your real number. Yet the call recipient’s CDR (Call Detail Record) will contain the number that you have noted before. Your CDR, depending on the type of the call, will contain either a random number or a number that belongs to the Rus server. In both cases interaction between you and the call recipient is conducted via Rus server. Thus you have an opportunity to hide your real contacts which is an integral part of special investigation activities.
- Forced encryption.

This feature prevents your SIM from lowering of encryption level and ignoring the operator or intercept complexes’ commands to switch off the encryption key generation algorithm (A8) stored at a SIM’s module. As a result all your conversations are encoded according to the A5.1. algorithm.

- Protection against intercept complexes.

This function allows you to stay invisible for moving intercept complexes. As the work of such complex is based on the replacement of real base station, it (complex) becomes a priority for all phones which are under the coverage area of real base station. Devices protected by our software ignore stations signals of the highest level.

- Voice substitution.

This option lets you change your voice during conversation. Thus it becomes impossible to identify you by phonetic characteristics of the voice. While this process a voice prints transformation takes place.

- Expenses optimization.

This function helps to reduce expenses significantly, regardless your location and call direction.

- Virtual number

This function allows to hide SIM’s actual number. Your actual authenticator will be unknown for third parties, so that it is impossible to define client’s location.

You may get more precise information about threat patterns and its prevention at

*In order for this sim card to be secure and work properly, it needs to be in a secure phone.

*All SIM cards last for a total of 6 months and have unlimited calls and secure texts. 12 months also available.